What Makes Business Rock

What Makes Business Rock is the compelling story of how Bill Roedy, the Chairman and CEO of MTV International, built the largest international entertainment networks in existence, much of the time having to make up answers for questions which had never before been asked.

It’s a free-wheeling, rock and rolling tale filled with a fascinating cast of characters including British entrepreneur Robert Maxwell, Rupert Murdoch and Sumner Redstone, Bono, the Pope, and a range of legendary politicians such as Nelson Mandela, Mikhail Gorbachev, and Fidel Castro.
  • An important primer on how to build and manage a business in an environment of continually evolving and developing communications platforms
  • Deals with the cultural demands of countries as diverse as China, Zambia, and Ireland
  • A business book disguised as a memoir of one of the most important people in the music industry

Entertaining and engaging, What Makes Business Rock offers an up-close look at Bill Roedy the person and professional and uncovers the innovative strategies he used to help make MTV the most successful, and best-known, media brand in the world.

In The Media

CNBC – Beavis and Butthead in Belgium
Bill lays out the challenges of bringing the cable TV model to a range of cultures & talks about his book What Makes Business Rock.

Sky News – Murnaghan
Bill talks to Murnaghan on Sky News about What Makes Business Rock, his work in the Global Health Sector including the new vaccinations developed by GAVI.

CNN – Breaking th Mold
CNN talks to Bill about his book What Makes Business Rock.


Bill Roedy expanded the MTV brand across the globe. But for me, he was a key mentor and a great inspiration. His knowledge of the international market is immense and this entertaining and enlightening book is a must read for anyone, in any industry, doing business internationally.Harry Hui - CMO, PepsiCo

Few things are more difficult than building a new business. From helping to sell HBO to mom and pop cable systems the 1970’s and 80’s to establishing the MTV brand around the world, Bill Roedy has more experience in that art than anyone I know. Those people intending to do business internationally can.Frank Biondi -  Former President and CEO, Viacom

My Friend Bill Roedy is a statesmen, adventurer, Wiseman, humanitarian and much more all rolled into one. His personal life and career has been exciting, productive, and beneficial to mankind. He continues to lead an incredible life and has always been a remarkable story teller. Fasten your safety belt and read on, you’re in for a great experience.Seymour Stein Co founder/Chairman Sire Records, Inducted Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2005

Bill Roedy has been a tireless fighter in the battle agains HIV/AIDS. As he relates in this book, and his life’s sotry reflects, one can make a profound difference in the greater community by bringing together their individual abilities and corporate resources. When this happens, the community, corporation and the individual all win.Kenneth Cole

Bill Roedy and I grew up together in the media world and I am proud to call him my firend. Bill is one of the few people who have played a role in all of the extraordinary changes we’ve seen since the earliest days of cable television. He ihas been a true pioneer, finding unique ways to extend the reach of MTV throught the world. The lessons he learned about establishing a brand internationally are invaluable to anyone who intends to prosper in the global business world. ~ Jeff Bewkes - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Time Warner

Bill’s global mission required innate respect for diverse traditions, and a creative sensibility that speaks every language and builds bridges around the world. That mission also required Bill – on occasion – to brandish the steel will he honed as a combat-decorated officer in Vietnam and go toe-to-toe with a repressive government official or entrenched competitors who were challenged by the revolutionary impact of our programming. Bill is an advocate for human rights and an open-minded student of unfamiliar cultures – a man trained in warfare who spent decades deploying entertainment, children’s programming, and health education all over the world. Phillippe Dauman - President and Chief Executive Officer, Viacom

It has been said many times that with great power comes great responsibility. Bill Roedy lived by that rule all 23 of his years at MTV Networks. He helped to build a global entertainment superpower, but along the way Bill educated the MTV generation that they had the power to change the world.Jon Bon Jovi

When he took the job, Bill Roedy made an immediate and profound executive decision: He would take MTV and its core proposition that pop music was the universal lingua franca of youth, internationalize it and create a discreet vehicle for change, understanding and good – Whist also making great business in the process. MTV has changed since then, so has the world, and Bill is one of those people responsible for that change. He is a remarkable man!Bob Geldof

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