Celebratory party at Fudan Think Tank Building on May 26th.

Northern Lights at Peach Flower Hill – A Norwegian Family in love with China (in Chinese) was recently published by Dagfinn Høybråten at Fundan Universtiy Press.

Northern Lights at Peach flower hill resize

Dagfinn Høybråten is the author of the book, Secretary General of Nordic Council of Minister and former Board Member of the GAVI Alliance in 2006, and Chair of the Board from 2011-2015.

Bill Roedy writes:

“..you will travel with Dagfinn to China, and see first-hand the remarkable story of his family’s dedication and amazing service. […] We also discover, in an interesting twist, how his great-grandfather Jorgen, bought western medicine to China, and then nearly a century later Dagfinn brings Chinese or alternative medicine to Norway…”