About Berlin School of Creative Leadership

william h roedy berlin school

 The Berlin School was founded in 2006 by a group of executives from a range of creative sectors who were tired of the tyranny of the average. Within a decade, what began as a simple idea had grown into a business school with an international reputation for excellence – with an executive education program that provided a truly unique approach to the challenges faced by leaders in creative businesses. The Berlin School of Creative Leadership is the top center in the world for higher executive learning in creative business. We equip leaders from advertising, design, entertainment, marketing, media, publishing, technology and other sectors that call for creative leadership skills with the tools they need to turn visionary concepts into reality.

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Bill and Westminster College

Founded in 1851, Westminster College is a private, selective, coeducational, residential, undergraduate college. Our curriculum focuses on preparing students to succeed within their chosen careers and the diverse, global community we live in. Students are challenged and guided by expert faculty to evolve into the capable leaders and confident difference-makers they are meant to be. Westminster College is a college all about change. Students come to Westminster from every corner of the world to be transformed. They leave ready to change the world. The student enrollment is approximately 950 with a student/faculty ratio of 14:1. In the academic year 2014-15, students represent 28 states and 76 countries, making Westminster one of the most diverse small liberal arts colleges in the nation.

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