william h roedy life180Professionals in the entertainment industry and leaders in obesity treatment have created two unique web communities that delivers weight management support to teen girls, their moms and their clinicians. By combining social media, with food, fashion, exercise, and fun, fitsmi.com helps teen girls make healthy behavioral changes and improve self-esteem. FitsmiforMoms.com is the first social network for parents of overweight teens, with expert advice, podcasts, blogs, and a soon-to-launch Family Change plan.

About Life180

 fitsmi Inc. (fitsmiinc.com) brings the human touch to behavioral health technology with customized online group coaching programs. These programs are sold to wellness providers and to pharmaceutical and medical devices makers whose products treat obesity and its co-morbidities. For these products, behavior modification is as important as the medicine. In digital health, it’s becoming increasingly clear that apps and wearables alone are not enough to sustain behavior change and patient engagement over the long-term. fitsmi’s live weekly coaching by Registered Dietitians is high-touch, interactive, and personal.

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