Bill and amfAR

bill roedy amfARBill currently serves as Vice Chairman, having joined the board the amfAR board in October 2010. Serves on the board development and communications/social media/marketing committees. Is active in a wide range of corporate social responsibility issues, particularly those that target young people.

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Bill and Gavi Alliance

Gavi landscapeAs a Gavi Alliance Envoy, Bill Roedy raises awareness about the importance of childhood vaccines in fighting major killers like pneumonia and diarrhoeal diseases.

Bill became a board a member in 2015, and was appointed as Chairman of the sub committee for unaffiliated trustees in 2016.

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Bill and GBCHealth

william h roedy GBChealthMr. Roedy served as founding Member and Chair of the Global Business Coalition (GBC) on HIV/AIDS from 1999-2002, significantly increasing the commitment of the business community around the world to fight the pandemic. In December 2010, Mr Roedy became the Chairman of their Corporate Advisory Board.

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About GHC

william h roedy GHCGlobal Health Corps (GHC) are a leadership development organization focused on health equity. GHC are building a global community of diverse young leaders changing the face of global health, providing opportunities for young professionals from diverse backgrounds to work on the frontlines of the fight for global health equity.

About Hawn Foundation

william h roedy hawn foundationOur Mission is to improve the overall well-being of children and educators, engage them in teaching and learning more effectively, and to equip them with vital social and emotional literacy skills needed to lead smart, healthy, happier lives. The Hawn Foundation provides MindUP, an evidence-based, CASEL accredited curriculum and educator based training programme that increases student and classroom engagement while aligning with National Curriculum and other academic standards.

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Bill and Life180

william h roedy life180Professionals in the entertainment industry and leaders in obesity treatment have created two unique web communities that delivers weight management support to teen girls, their moms and their clinicians. By combining social media, with food, fashion, exercise, and fun, helps teen girls make healthy behavioral changes and improve self-esteem. is the first social network for parents of overweight teens, with expert advice, podcasts, blogs, and a soon-to-launch Family Change plan.

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Bill and UNAIDS

william h roedy unaidsIn 1998, Bill was named Ambassador for UNAIDS (the joint United Nations programme on HIV/AIDS) because of his extensive travels and advocacy battling the disease. He has addressed the United Nations General Assembly on several occasions regarding the pandemic, and was the General Assembly keynote speaker, along with Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, at the 2010 Model UN.

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Bill and MTV Staying Alive

Bill continues to serve as Chairman of the MTV Staying Alive Foundation, which has funded 272 small entities in 60 countries. This is a person-to-person organization that makes it possible for heroic young people to tackle the AIDS epidemic at the grassroots level in brave, bold, inspirational and creative ways. It reaches people at the ground level and is saving lives every day through peer education.

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